Remote Management 

Manage your property from wherever you are in the world!  No software is required.


Grant access to contractors, program fobs, view call logs, receive alerts and so much more... Therefore, removing the need for you to attend site! 


The IPGUARD is a  wireless 4G/GSM  system. Therefore, no handsets are needed in individual apartments/flats, saving you time, money and hassle.

Worldwide IPGUARD & BATICONNECT Statistics. More installed every day! 

Residents equipped with secure access


Homes connected with our BATICONNECT CLOUD


Buildings connected with our IPGUARD 



Offers a robust, affordable and reliable door entry & access control solution to suit the varied demands of the residential and commercial market. Easy to install, maintain and scale. The system is wireless and communicates directly with residents’ smart phones, landlines, tablets or ordinary telephones. This removes the need to wire costly handsets into individual apartments, therefore no access to flats is required!

Plus, with limited cabling and no handsets to be damaged or experience wear-and-tear, the IPGUARD is a long-lasting solution.


Our BATICONNECT CLOUD real-time, remote management platform provides next generation remote access and programming from any web-enabled device, enabling managers to protect

their properties in real time.

Property managers can grant property access to contractors and service personal on demand from anywhere! 


Making changes to residency access, key codes, key fobs, and adding new users has never been easier. This increases response times and reduces the need to be on‑site and interact with contractors and residents.

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All of IP Door Entry's access control systems come with the latest high‑level encryption technology and have an extra layer of security to protect against unauthorised cloning of key fobs.

Set alarm scenarios to alert you, in real-time, when an attempt to gain access by an unauthorized clone of a proximity key fob is read by the system.


Odoo • A picture with a caption
Visualization of the IPGUARD wireless 4G/GSM intercom system.


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