IP Door Entry's range of innovative and intuitive accessories to perfect your housing solution. Surface boxes to keyfobs and radio transmitters, have peace of mind that there is an answer to all your requirements. 

To help with finding what equipment you need, please visit the documents page and open the Distributor Scenarios document. Alternatively, get in touch with our sales team.

Please get in touch for our list prices. Special discounts are available to approved installers and distributors.   

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Surface Boxes

Designed specifically for surface fixings. Perfect for those scenarios where a flush fit just won't cut it. Robust and reliable, have peace of mind that your system is protected against the wrath of nature.

Keysafe, Proximity readers & Panels. IP Door Entry Ltd has a solution for every requirement.  



Our high-tech proximity key fobs mean that your property is secure. Utilising Mifare encryption technology and an extra layer of security to protect against unauthorised cloning of key fobs. 

All our fobs are engraved with a unique ID number. This number allows or the fobs to be remotely managed in real-time.

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Radio Transmitter 

Our 4-channel transmitter is robust, user-friendly and allows housing professionals and tenants to open an entrance fitted with a radio receiver. 

Every transmitter has a unique serial code, so you can keep track of each device and ensure that no transmitters are cloned without authorization.  


External 4G Router

For those areas with low or poor network strength, install an external 4G router to boost the signal strength in your area.


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12VDC/5A Power Supply Unit

Power supply units for the IPGUARD & associated.



External Aerial 

To maximise signal strength, connect an external aerial to the IPGUARD and install on a high location.

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