Remote Management

All our intercoms can be remotely programmed on our free & secure management platform, ANY system configuration, no software required.

4G/GSM/IP Technology

Utilising the latest technology available. Say goodbye to costly monitors & say hello to the future!

Audio & Video

See, talk & grant access to whoever is at your door from anywhere, all at the touch of a button! 

Whether you are looking for large development systems or small standalone systems, IP Door Entry's next-gen door entry & access control solutions can save you time, money and hassle, whilst meeting all your requirements.

The IPGUARD range offers an affordable, robust and reliable  door entry and access control solution to suit the varied demands of the residential and commercial markets. The system is easy to install & maintain and is scalable to suit the customer’s changing needs. 

Simple and cost-effective to set up and use.  Our intercom range empowers you to manage multiple properties remotely, and in real-time, with no wires, monitors or mechanical keys.

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 Visualization of the wireless IPGUARD 4G/GSM

IPGUARD® Features

IPGUARD it’s that simple!

HD quality live video


Preview of visitor image


Log of all visitor calls


IPGUARD® Features

Security made smarter

Vandal resistance


Anti-Clone technology 


Integration with third-party systems

& many more! 

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The IPGUARD MINI 4G/GSM Smart Visitor Video Door Entry system calls residents on their own communication devices such as smartphones, mobiles, iPad’s, tablets, and landlines. The IPGUARD incorporates the latest GSM technology, allowing residents to be called from anywhere in the world.  

The IPGUARD is fully CLOUD-based and is regularly updated. Software updates, new features and security enhancements are automatically and remotely uploaded. The system remains fully future-proofed, delivering peace of mind to the end-user.

Plus  with limited cabling and no handsets to be damaged or experience wear-and-tear, the IPGUARD is a long-lasting solution.

The IPGUARD combined with BATICONNECT CLOUD allow for next-generation mobile access, via our free and  secure IPGUARD® mobile app!

Anti-Clone Protection means full control for property managers! Property managers can stay in control of their properties, without compromising the safety of the residents.

Please get in touch for bespoke solutions.


The IPGUARD can save you and your clients a great deal of money! 

The bigger and the more complicated the development, the greater the savings on both installation and ongoing maintenance, no access to flats is required!


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The only SBD recognised 4G/GSM Video Door Entry & Access Control System that has been physically attack tested!

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official UK police crime prevention initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings and to thereby help people live more safely. Secured by Design is the only way for products to achieve police recognition in the UK. In order to achieve Secured by Design status, the IPGUARD & EVE196-X3 (door controller unit) had to adhere to rigorous test standards to meet the police preferred specification.  The principles of Secured by Design have been proven to reduce the risk of crime and the fear of crime. 

The IPGUARD & EVE196-X3 (door controller unit) has been tested as a critical component within the British security standard LPS1175-SR2. The product it was tested in, is a Premier doorset.


The IPGUARD range is made up of three models, what's the difference?

IPGUARD MINI Smart Visitor Door Entry system  consists of an aluminium facia with a 2.9" colour screen display.   

IPGUARD MINI PLUS  Smart Visitor Door Entry system,   for those more demanding requirements, the MINI PLUS is perfect. It   consists of a stainless steel facia with an induction hearing aid loop.

IPGUARD MINI TOUCH  Smart Visitor Door Entry system is designed to meet the needs of all buildings, from commercial to residential. From 1 to 4 call buttons with digital labels!

Please get in touch for our list prices. Special discounts are available to our Partners.  

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Visualization of the wireless IPGUARD 4G/GSM

IPGUARD App Tutorial 


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