Building and resident security – guaranteed

BATICONNECT CLOUD access control incorporates anti-clone proximity key fob protection technology. 

Radio transmitters for vehicle gates have rolling code security. That’s why we achieved Police Preferred Specification status.

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CLOUD BASED Real-time remote management from anywhere

Manage your property's access with our innovative & simple to use CLOUD access control. Program fobs, radio transmitters, keypad codes, time zones, door access profiles, view events… absolutely everything.

Replace old-fashioned mechanical keys or low-security fob readers with our vandal-proof, robust, and innovative proximity readers. Smart technology is designed

to stay smart through remote updates. If all of it is not part of a CLOUD system it is not forever updateable.

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Cloud-based real-time remote management  

Grant property access on demand & remotely. Making changes to residency access, changing key fobs, and adding new users has never been easier.

Mobile access with Bluetooth virtual keys

Open the door via our free & secure APP at any time. (Management are in full control, for example they can apply time ranges, restrict who uses it & so much more...)

Building compartmentalisation 

Create unlimited bespoke access profiles/groups to grant access where it should be and restrict where it shouldn't be.

Time zone validity  

Program access profiles based on week types to allow access and displays only during the desired time periods

Police Preferred Specification (SBD)

The IPGUARD & EVE196-X3 (access control, door control unit) had to adhere to rigorous test standards to meet the Police Preferred Specification. The principles of SBD have been proven to reduce both the risk of crime and fear of crime.

Data & events logging

Logged and identifiable access data and events. Location, type, time, date & much more...

Alarm notifications

Program and set alarm scenarios to alert you in real-time to the detection of an alarm.

User authorisation rights

Create unlimited & bespoke CLOUD user authorization rights,  transfer accounts and  amend who controls which sites.

Proximity Readers 

Control communal building access using our vandal resistant and smart proximity readers. Program proximity key fobs updates from anywhere with internet connection! Incorporating anti-clone protection our proximity readers can detect and block cloned fobs. If required they can send email alerts in real-time of the detection of a cloned fob.

Coded Keypads

Manage access using our anti-vandal code keypads. Equipped with 2 relays & an optional T25 mushroom proximity reader. Available  in flush or surface mounted, allowing for quick and straightforward installation. 

Radio Transmitters & Receivers

Control access to gates, garage, car parks and more using IPDE's Radio Receivers &  transmitter's. Managed on our free & secure CLOUD portal.