Building and resident security – guaranteed

BATICONNECT CLOUD access control incorporates anti-clone proximity key fob protection technology. 

Radio transmitters for vehicle gates have rolling code security. That’s why we achieved Police Preferred Specification status.

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CLOUD BASED Real-time remote management from anywhere

Manage your property's access with our innovative & simple to use CLOUD access control. Program fobs, radio transmitters, keypad codes, time zones, door access profiles, view events… absolutely everything.

Replace old-fashioned mechanical keys or low-security fob readers with our vandal-proof, robust, and innovative proximity readers. Smart technology is designed

to stay smart through remote updates. If all of it is not part of a CLOUD system it is not forever updateable.

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Access Control Key features:

No Ongoing Costs

Unlike others, IPDE access control system comes with no ongoing costs. You won't have to worry about recurring fees, saving you valuable money year on year!

 Enhanced Security

Secured by Desing Accredited, part of the Police Preferred Specification. Anti-clone protection, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access. Real-time alerts for cloned fob used. All door opening logged on the portal, by flat, fob or phone number.

Efficient Fob Management

Each fob has its own unique ID. This makes for remote, easy and effective programming, identification & management. Full building compartmentalisation, restrict access to where it should be. Program master fobs, with access to all your sites in 1 click.  No going to site!

Convenient Remote Access

With Safe Caller ID & BLUETOOTH Virtual Keys, you will benefit from a powerful management tool. Grant on-demand contractor access remotely, send virtual keys based of pre-specified time ranges. Logged on  The virtual Keys ONLY work in Proximity mode – access will only be granted in proximity to the IPGUARD panel. All 100% FREE.

Standalone controllers

Door specific control units that can operate as a standalone/isolated door controller & store physical hardcopies of user rights (fobs, keypad codes, etc) & events.

Customizable Authorization Levels

You can set programming authorization levels according to specific facility requirements. Whether it's for management, service personnel, or concierge, our system allows you to customize access rights to ensure security and control. 

Easy & quick install

No servers required or connection to broadband/network. IPDE has wireless access control or networkable. No risk of data corruption, 100% CLOUD based. 

Communication tool

Remotely communicate with your tenants using BATICONNECT’s SMS Service. Send SMS messages directly to the resident’s devices!  Use in conjunction with our IPNOTICEBOARD, Digital interactive Noticeboard. 


Integrate IPDE Access Control with third-party door entry systems.

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