Digital Noticeboard Key Features

Communicate efficiently & effectively

Technology means no paper and no mess. It also means instantaneous updates with whatever you want, whenever you want – from any internet enabled device.

Simply log onto the free CLOUD portal – no software required – and display building specific information and anything else that will assist your residents and their visitors on the IPNOTICEBOARD in the entrance lobby.

Key Features & Benefits:

Create and manage remotely and in real-time


Communication functions

Display useful information 

Available in two sizes 21” & 43”

Interactive survey 

Flexible survey feature, ask your tenants questions and receive their feedback remotely via the CLOUD

Directories and contacts

Display videos

Robust and vandal resistant

IK07-IK08 rated

Templates available via CLOUD portal.


Managed via the CLOUD 24/7/365

PDF, PNG, JPEG import options available or create custom displays via our easy-to-use CLOUD portal

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