IPGUARD Key Features

Some key features of our IPGUARD & CLOUD access control system are:

  • To create, modify or delete – tenants fobs, master fobs, code access, residents contact details in real time and remotely, avoiding site visits.    
  • To manage access to all your buildings on our free and secure cloud portal be it from a PC, smart device, tablet or any other web enabled device.  
  • To create custom access profiles to compartmentalise buildings with the option of access based on week types & time ranges.
  • SR2 Rated & Secured by Design (SBD) compliant, part of the Police Preferred Specification.
  • To remotely communicate with tenants using BATICONNECT’s SMS Service. Send SMS messages directly to the residents!
  • To take snapshot pictures of all visitors calls to the flat which are sent to the resident's app for security log purposes.   
  • Mobile access to open the door via an app from anywhere, at any time. (Management can turn this feature on or off or specify who can use it)

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  • No cabling required to apartments/flats.
  • No software needed.
  • Anti-clone protection. Our system recognises clones and won’t let them in.
  • Free and unlimited programming updates included.
  • No visible camera or security fixings on the panels.
  • Simple and quick installation. 
  • Equality ACT 2010 (DDA) compliant.
  • Welcome Screen on IPGUARD Customisable, add logo/block name/address etc on the 2.9” LCD colour screen.      
  • Full system usage audit trail available in real-time and remotely. Using BATICONNECT’s search bar, refine your event search by use of specific flat, fob, user, date & time, location etc.
  • Remote on-demand access to your sites, useful for granting on-demand contractor access without site intervention. Done in real-time and remotely 24-7-365.